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CLEAR Process

As soon as you request a quote, we direct hundreds of operators to view and bid on your trip. You can monitor the bids, or wait until the bidding window closes when we contact you with the available options.

CLEAR Difference

Our transparent bidding process provides aircraft operators visibility into other bids encouraging competition and making sure you get the best deal possible.

CLEAR Safety

Safety is our top priority. We will only share with you flight options supported by operators with an approved safety program like ARG/US or Wyvern.

Clear Flight Charters was started out of the need for honest and transparent brokerage service. The lack of transparency in the industry has resulted in brokers offering clients unfair pricing. Until now, clients have been ‘blind’ to the options available.

Couple walking out to their private aircraft jet charter

Instead of a typical broker calling a few local operators with limited aircraft options, Clear Flight Charters directs hundreds of operators to our site where they can view and post bids on your requested flights.

Clear Flight Charters will notify you of the lowest price for your trip, as well as show you pricing for additional aircraft that may be available to support your flight.

While you are able to monitor the bidding process, this is strictly optional. The bidding process can be completely transparent to you, and you can still be assured you are getting the lowest price.

Whether you are looking for your own personal travel, corporate needs, or cargo, with no membership fees, Clear Flight Charters is the easiest and most economical way to book your next private aircraft. Click here to request a Quote for your private Aircraft Charter.

About Us

We are the leader in transparent aircraft brokerage. We differentiate ourselves through clear pricing and diverse flight options.

Available Aircraft

We act on behalf of our customers to work with FAA Certified, Part 135 Air Carriers to secure the optimal aircraft for your needs.

Clear Flight Charters, L.L.C acts on behalf of its customers and serves as their agents Clear Flight Charters does not own or operate aircraft. All flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 air carriers. Carriers providing service for Clear Flight Charters must meet both FAA requirements and additional Clear Flight Charters standards.